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Kirsten Gray

Owner & Head Instructor

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Welcome to the incredible STBL Technique Studio at Sonnenhof Equestrian Center. Our Studio (picture below) is housed in a horse trailer, but once you enter the quaint, airy space you find a fully equipped studio, in which riders - under the guidance of Certified Pilates Instructor Tiffany DeMartin - can train to use exactly the muscles they need to balance in the saddle.  On our horses you will experience the movement patters (from the studio) on a moving object until you take them to the saddle. Breaking old habits is hard to do, but we have learned how to reprogram our brains by introducing and practicing new movement patterns slowly.

Moveability of the back, developing long legs, Moving 'out-of-the-joints, back strength, foot flexibility: just some examples of successful rider's secrets, and you can study them here. We are fully equipped. Sessions are booking up fast: Please book by emailing Kirsten Gray at

"Our STBL Technique Program helps riders locate, isolate and strengthen the muscles and movement patterns they need to be strong, supple, balanced riders. The goal is to create new movement patterns and deepter foundational strength that translates into more accurate aids and a more balanced seat in the saddle. Strength and balance are very empowering. I'm really excited to be doing this joint venture with Kirsten Gray at Sonnenhof Equestrian Center!"


"STBL came from our own experiences: We both want to be the best athlete we can be and the best rider we can be. Tiffany helped me, coming from a point of rebuilding balance, strength and movement patterns, to become a stronger rider by giving me 'movement options' in my body. In the process I learned not just about the rider's body, but also to be a better trainer to the horses: allowing them to experiment movement patterns and to how to build muscle to give them 'movement options'. Combine this with the quaint, relaxing, serene studio space in a beautiful setting: UNBEATABLE!

STBL started from a long friendship and 'life'. Tiffany and I have been friends for about 15 years. She rescued several PMU's back then, and I helped her train a couple of them. When she moved to CA for about 10 years, we stayed in touch until she moved back to CT a few years ago. In the meantime I had undergone a double mastectomy and reconstruction, which initially I had no problems with. 5/6 years after the surgery I had gotten very weak in core, back, hips and knees due to the pectoral muscle being positioned OVER the implants. This led to balance, back, knee and posture issues and my riding got worse and worse. After my friend/surgeon Dr. Anke Ott resolved the cause of my issues, I knew I had to re-train myself and reconnected with Tiffany toStabilize me.

Her Training got me stronger, more Balanced, Leaner and to be a better athlete for my horses. With Tiffany being a rider, and me being a Pilates student, we created the perfect storm of curiosity, knowledge of one's profession, passion and creativity to start STBL. We now offer sessions in the STBL Studio followed by a STBL Seat session on the horse to build the rider's correct muscles, all conveniently on the farm! 

This program is incredibly effective: we will post Testimonials soon!

STBL Technique

Tiffany DeMartin, Certified Pilates Instructor

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